Simplify your engineering content management

The Lunr Digital Engineering cloud allows you to upload, and collaborate on all your engineering content in one place.
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Why lunr?

Lunr takes the hassle out of storing and collaborating on engineering documentation. It does this by providing a single cloud-based platform to upload, version, search, and revise your content.

Built for modern engineering teams.

Native file viewing for drawings and models

In browser viewing and markup for 2D and 3D CAD, BIM formats such as RVT or IFC, and rasters such as TIF, and more.

Powerful searching

Full text and meta-data based searching allow you to easily find any drawing or model you need with only a few keystrokes.

Data quality validation

Configurable data-quality validation rules keep data coming into your system up to standard, reducing the cost of any future works.

Project Analytics

Project-based analytics give you insights into the current status of your projects, allowing you to easily identify bottlenecks to delivery.