All your engineering content in one place.

Upload all of your Engineering content to one cloud based repository.

Folder based classification

Files are classified using folders and tags to allow for simple and secure retrieval via search or browse.

  • Document tags

    Assign tags to documents to allow for grouping and reporting.

  • Folder classification

    Classify documents using folders to allow for hierarchical browsing.

  • Secure your documents with tag based permissions.

    Tag based permissions allow you to grant access to documents matching a specific tag. For example, all electrical documents from the Melbourne Campus.

Configurable search

Search using auto-complete on a full text index, or configure an advanced search form based on your asset hierarchy or tags.

  • Full text search

    Lunr indexes all the text from your files using the XRAY feature. This allows for auto complete searching across file name, titles, tags, and document content.

  • Configurable advanced search

    While full text search is great in cases where you know something specific about the file you're looking for (like a title keyword or drawing number), sometimes it's more convenient to perform a search based on tags or date ranges to narrow down your result set. Advanced Search allows you to configure your search form based on tags and meta-data most relevant to your data-set.

Location Search

It's like Google maps but for your engineering content.

  • Location search / browse

    Browse for documents at a specific location, or draw a polygon to search for documents related to an asset.

  • Geo-location.

    Find documents close to you, or geo-tag documents using your current location.


XRAY uses Microsoft Azure cognitive services to OCR images and PDFs automatically as they’re loaded into Lunr. The OCR text is added to Lunr’s full-text index to make the documents available for searching. This means that just by adding documents like this to Lunr you automatically make them easy for users in your organization to discover.

  • Automatic OCR

    Files are automatically scanned and processed by Lunr's data processing pipeline on upload, eliminating manual effort.

  • Multiple file formats supported

    Supports PDF, text, Office, DWG, DGN, images, and more.


Signal allows all team members to collaborate throughout the project life-cycle by redlining and commenting directly on the documents under change. With each project minor revision documents are validated for compliance with your CAD title block, XREF, and external meta-data rules. At the end of a project the documents are submitted for two-stage review by a project manager and document controller before being released to masters.

  • Document workflow

    All changes in Lunr are completed under document workflow. This adds a level of control to your document management practices, allowing for required approvals and sign-off.

  • Notifications

    Lunr sends automated notifications for document workflow approvals, escalations, and more to keep all relevant stakeholders in the loop.

  • Share Documents

    Share documents using secure links, transmittals or a shared project workspace.

Document Viewer

The Lunr document viewer allows you to view key engineering file formats from CAD and PDF to Word and Excel on any device, avoiding the need for reviewers and approvers to install and license proprietary software to complete the review process.

  • Mobile friendly

    Review and markup documents in the field.

  • Multiple file formats supported

    Supports PDF, RVT, Office, DWG, DGN, images, and more.